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Do you believe your brand has potential to increase sales if only more people would listen to your story?

We connect your brand to the 15 million of daily viewers on Twitch through influencers who already have the attention and trust from your target group.

We guarantee that your audience will finally listen.


Twitch influencers have a much more loyal audience than instagrammers and  bloggers due to their direct personal interactions with the audience live on stream.

We engage trusted and loyal influencers to tell your stories though naturally engaging content directly to your target group.

This enables us to create great results for any brand seeking to get the attention of their target group.

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We create interactive and engaging campaigns on Twitch

How can we help?

Marketing for millennials is not about persuading them to buy – it is about creating value for them in the areas of their interest. 

This requires high involvement in their areas of interest and understanding of their preferences and behaviour. Making a success full campaign thus demands know-how of the gaming community and Twitch platform. 

Strategy and Cooperation

We develop a campaign plan and identify the best possibilities for your brand with eAmbassador.

To communicate the vision of your brand we use data and expertise to match you with the top influencers for your target group and distribute their content across platforms.  

Identification and Negotiations

We match you with top-qualified influencers who fit perfectly for both your brand and target group. The influencers create live content on the platform Twitch where they entertain your target group while promoting your brand and interacting with the viewers in chat. 

Management and Reporting

Your brand becomes an integrated part of the stream on Twitch incl. logo, chatbot messages, overlay etc. We manage the entire process and provide you with comprehensive analytics and performance reporting.

How do we work?

Influencer marketing on Twitch is just not a campaign but a long-term partnership to ensure the full potential of your influencer marketing on Twitch.That’s why we work with long-lasting partnerships that benefit both the influencer and the brand throughout the period.

Our flexible workflow ensures that we are always able to handle changes in the strategy as it is constantly adapted to your goals and wishes.

Lets talk about it

Book an online meeting to discus your potential on Twitch.

Get your 90-days plan

Our team of specialist create a 90-days plan based on your goal and wishes. 

The plan is to secure your success on Twitch.


You approve the plan, and we begin to execute the specific activities that lead you towards the goal.

Types of campaigns


Starting from:


  • Strategic planning
  • Target group matching
  • Influencer negotiations
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting


Starting from:


  • Strategic planning
  • Target group matching
  • Influencer negotiations
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting
  • Brand analysis
  • Creative content
  • Performance training
  • Tracking & Optimization


For prices


  • Strategic planing
  • Target group matching
  • Influencer negotiations
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting
  • Brand analysis
  • Creative content
  • Performance training
  • Tracking & Optimization
  • Multi-channel integrations
  • Influencer events
  • Video production

What does it cost?

The simple answer to this is your budget and ambitions.

Depending on how wide you want to scale your reach the prices diverge. Our service is divided into creative content production to the influencer and strategic campaign management.   

Our price level on our cooperation agreements are typically in the range of 2,500-5,000$ a month for creative content production to the influencers and 2,500-5,000$ a month in strategic campaign management- some slightly higher.

Our flexible model allows you to change your investment as required every quarter, which means you will not be locked on an annual agreement.


Creative content production

Strategic campaign management

What does it cost?

Try our price calculator

Select your preferred pack and see and estimated overview of your monthly campaign price.

All services from the pack are included and depending on how much you want to scale your reach, the prices begin to diverge. 

You can change your investment as required every three months, which means you will not be locked on an annual agreement.

If you are in doubt what is the best option for you, don´t hesitate to contact us!

What is your potential?

We believe that everyone is great at what they do best. 

Yet, we also know it is impossible to keep up with all trends in the marketing industry.

We would love to show you a custom-tailored report of your marketing potential on Twitch. Let us contact you to provide you with information about:

  • Target group analysis
  • Possible reach
  • Creative ideas
  • Similar success cases
  • Expected return on marketing investment

Meet our team

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Partner & head of campaigns

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Anders Haunstrup

Partner & head of analytics

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