eAmbassadors for Black Friday

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eAmbassadors for Black Friday

Why should you use eAmbassadors for Black Friday?

Black Friday is coming soon and you risk losing out on a lot of revenue if you have not figured out that:

– Any company can gain from Black Friday

– You do not have to lift a finger to make a great marketing campaign


“We already lower our prices so we can´t afford to do marketing too!”

This is the statement we often hear. However, if you do not do marketing for Black Friday, I assure you that your potential customers will be stolen away from you by your competitors. Who knows – maybe even for good.

Nevertheless, we hear your worry so we are here to help you keep and expand you customer base. And the best part of that is that we believe that Black Friday should not only mean amazing offers for the consumers – we give you a 33 % discount too!

So if you have a target group between 13-35 and especially if you suspect they do not find your product or brand by themselves, you should try out our eAmbassador campaign.

You can reach more than 40,000 people, who will understand exactly why they should be ready to take advantage of your Black Friday campaign!

Take me to see my possibilities!


Pssst. If you do not want a Black Friday campaign, but would love the free 25 % voucher for a future campaign – click here.



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