Emasters.gg is a tournament and gather platform for Counter-Strike players, looking to compete in a more entertaining and competitive manner.

We were asked to bring attention to this great platform and give more people the chance to play. 

This is what we did:

The challenge

As a start-up, Emasters.gg was competing against platforms that were already established on the market.

Trying to reach a critical mass for both giving value for current users through activity on the platform as well as creating a financially sustainable business was the key focus.

The solution

With a strong dedication to achieving instant sign-ups, we had many influencers from different countries in Europe.

Through these influencers we gave the potential customers a chance to play with their idols by trying out the platform for themselves.

The results

During a single month Emasters.gg saw an extreme increase in users on their platform.

Having gained more than 7,000 users, they gained a lot more activity on the platform, thus not only increasing revenue but also value for current customers!

Campaign statistic:




New users

At EMASTERS.gg we have made various attempts to market our platform.

eAmbassador has increased the amount of users on our platform more than we ever been able to!

— Johan Grandjean, Co-founder at Emasters.gg

Case details




January 2018 – March 2018

Case manager

Mikkel Golding Faaborg


Phone: +45 27 58 61 03