New concept brings life into marketing

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New concept brings life into marketing

The world’s top consultancy agencies have for years been advising brands to look for influencer marketing opportunities if they desire to keep the attention of their target group.

Until now however, only the biggest brands have had the opportunity to exploit the potential through expensive sponsorships that are difficult to measure.

A new and unique concept from eAmbassador can now finally help the companies who cannot get their marketing through the wall of digital noise from social media etc. to reach their target group.

For companies with a target group in the age group 13-35, it has become a major issue to be heard in the global and digital world today. Studies show that potential customers now distrust 80 % of all companies!

eAmbassador brings a concept that unites the power of the three top marketing performers; audio, video and human relations and delivers it in a non-invasive context through ambassadors who your target group already interact with and trusts!

At eAmbassador we work with so called eAmbassadors who are streamers and influencers, making a living by entertaining and creating a loyal community of interested fans. 140 million people monthly watch their favorite eAmbassadors on the streaming platform Twitch where they spend an average of 1.5 hours a day.

The eAmbassadors are the top performers of not only entertaining your target group by playing games, they are also trained to interact with your target group online and know how to make them discuss your brand and your message.

The platforms users are both male and female and their purchasing patterns have grasped the attention of brands as various as Mercedes and Jack & Jones, which proves that the market is no longer just for brands with a relation to gaming.

We at eAmbassador can help your company to promote your brand and products to a segmented target group by intelligently matching you with our eAmbassadors and reach out to a target group with various interests and a solid buying power.

A campaign from eAmbassador does not only include the matching with eAmbassadors to promote your product to a specific segment, it also includes custom-tailored messages to communicate your vision correctly as well a full management and reporting.

“With more than 10 years of using smartphones and social media, companies simply have to start being more attractive to the digital consumer. A nice website and a Facebook page simply do not do the trick anymore.” – says, Mikkel Golding Faaborg, Partner at eAmbassador.

Your customers’ behavior and psychology are changing and so should you.

Get a completely free and non-committing report of your brands possibilities by contacting us at or sign-up for more marketing updates!




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