Shaping New Tomorrow

Shaping New Tomorrow is a high end men’s wear clothing brand that specializes in combining an extreme comfort with a classic design.

Our task was to create a campaign that included finding a relevant target group within eSport and presenting the product in a way that was appealing.

This is what we did:

The challenge

How do you prove perfection online?

The primary task was to identify and validate a target group who had never heard about Shaping New Tomorrow and vice versa. 

We defined three goals: 

  1. Create a large amount of brand awareness to support the success they were already experiencing.
  2. Keep the brand identity through a sharp match between influencer and brand 
  3. Drive traffic to both the webshop and physical store. 

The solution

By combining the brand image with the interest and pains of our target group we created the campaign: – The perfect pants for gaming.

The relatable brand messages were e.g.  “You would never let an uncomfortable headset disturb you, why bad jeans?” and “Play with style – you girlfriend would love you for not sitting in your underwear”. 

This made it possible for us to identify confident and fashion matured gaming influencers who could be authentic about creating style in gaming. 

The results

With more than 6 million views we brought the brand identity and logo deep into the gaming community with great feedback.

Shaping New Tomorrow believe themselves that their willingness to try untraditional marketing channels gives them a big edge over their competitors.

See the video below with the Chief Innovation Officer at SNT for more insights about the cooperation.

Campaign statistic:


Views in campaign



eAmbassador suggested that our comfortable and stylish clothes could be relevant in a completely different market than we knew about.

We have acquired an entire new customer group without using much energy with the help from eAmbassadors great work and expertise.


Case details


Shaping New Tomorrow


November 2017 – Februar 2018

Case manager

Mikkel Golding Faaborg


Phone: +45 27 58 61 03